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My journey to IJM...

My mom tells me that I used to "collect kids" on the kindergarten playground; the kids that got bullied or sat alone. From an early age, I had an innate desire to fight for the outcasts. That fight never died, though my quiet upbringing in the mountains of North Carolina allowed it to rest for a time.

When I was 20 years old, I had the opportunity to do a discipleship program abroad with a non-profit called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). I ended up spending a year with the organization and lived in Germany, Holland, Ireland and Thailand. During this time, God allowed me to better understand the extravagant nature of His love and the incredible diversity of the church. 

After returning to the States, I went to school and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. I chose the major because I had determined that, at the core of my purpose,  I wanted to help people in crisis. Although traditional social work was not my chosen career path, I liked the areas of study and felt that they would be useful in the future.

I moved to New York City immediately after graduating and  worked as an administrative assistant for an investment advisor in Manhattan. This was an incredible learning experience for me and allowed me to cultivate a series of invaluable professional skills. However, my life in New York did not prevent me from longing for work that was directly associated with a mission-focused organization.  

When the opportunity to intern with IJM was presented, I could not imagine saying no. I accepted their offer and now I feel deeply honored to be joining the fight against poverty, human trafficking, and modern day slavery. 

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