The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013)

Ever been to Bucharest, Romania? Well, neither has Charlie Countryman; but after his mother passes away suddenly, he receives instructions from her light-hearted ghost to visit the city. Shy, timid, and slightly off his rocker, Charlie boards a flight to Bucharest. On his way over, he meets a friendly Romanian man who dies before landing. After receiving yet another set of instructions from a dead person, Charlie begins to remind one of Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense; but don't be fooled. Charlie's encounter with the dead Romanian sends him spiraling into an adventurous lesson on life and love. 


With a talented cast of off-beat actors (i.e. Shia LeBeauf, Mads Mikkelson *swoon*, and Evan Rachel Wood) and an inspired musical score, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman captures the thrill of traveling; the reality of human mortality; and the insanity of love. 


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