Before the dance - Asheville, NC

My roommate, Natalie, and I decided to hop in the car and head to Asheville for some meandering and contra dancing. The view from my car never ceases to take my breath away. 

On the way, I saw this abandoned hotel. I've seen it several times before, but this time I felt compelled to stop and try to capture it. What followed (of course) was a little photo shoot with Natalie as well :)

Below is a shot of my favorite bridge in downtown Asheville (the only one?). It has an amazing mural covering the entire underside. Nearby are all kinds of boutiques, bookstores, and yummy eateries as well!

Natalie and I decided on the White Duck Taco Shop for dinner. I was so stoked because their tacos are all served on gluten-free corn tortillas. Clearly my drink of choice was a cold, bottled Cheerwine. (Side note: the red salsa at this place is SO GOOD: smoky, but fresh. Hiiiighly recommend!) Also! The tacos are ridiculously filling. We barely finished one. Note to self for next time we go!

I had to take a mandatory stop at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, just for Natalie's sake. Poor me, right? I got the Cold Sipping Chocolate, which is made with coconut milk and semi-sweet chocolate. It's a great vegan option! 

I had no time to take photos of the dance, but I will forever recommend people to try it out for themselves anyway! To find out about contra dances in the Asheville area, visit this link: