there are days when climbing out of bed feels like

climbing a mountain

and just near the peak where the air grows thin

i see the sun

glorious rays beam joy into my soul and i remember to say

“thank you”

and while revelation floods my heart again, i find myself standing atop

a high mountain

descriptive words could only tarnish the view that i see

but imagine for a moment:

rainbow waterfalls cascading into

sparkling rivers laughing over

smooth, submissive stones into a

large and loving ocean.

tall trees filling the mounds we call

mountains providing protection from

wild winds that now feel like a

calm and cooling breeze.

do you now hear the buzz of bees in the meadow filled with flowers down below?

do you see the weight of juicy fruit bowing the necks of branches in the orchard over there?

do you feel the waves lapping against your weary feet as they sink into cold sand ahead?

and all because we climbed this mountain.