the breaker.

they have tasted the truth

in the confines of a pen.

they see the gate.

it is opening.


insatiable hunger grabs hold

and they anxiously await the removal

                                                    of the gate.


may it be torn off its hinges!


all at once the breaker comes,

strengthened by heavenly words

and hallowed by deathly humility


do you see what i see?

in this throng, blood pumping,

our feet carry us through the way


it is open!

and there,

silencing the murmur and entrancing us all,

is the King.


He is at the head of the multitude,

and all would bow were it not that

the Leader moves forward,

and they are compelled to follow Him,

wherever He may go.


hear now, and see:

the song, the dance, the tambourine

and the stamping of feet.

we are elated by

the return of the King.

inspired by Micah 2:12-13