A little direction, please.

Last week, my friend Megan and I were discussing the joys of decision-making....

yeah, that was sarcasm

It is ridiculously intimidating for most freshly graduated college students or rising seniors (like me) to contemplate finding a stable job while also trying to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life. The pressure worsens with the thought of having to move or search for jobs in places that are plane rides away (like Megan). That being said, as Megan and I looked at available jobs online, there was a certain excitement in the air. What's it called when the unknown awaits you and a winding path stretches out ahead? 

In the storybooks, its name is Adventure.

At dusk on the evening of our conversation, Megan let me test my new camera out on her beautiful face. The mood of the shoot seemed to parallel the roller coaster ride that is life as a young twenties-something...