The Importance of Being Hydrated

Recently a friend invited me to join her in a hydration challenge - the goal? To drink at least half my body weight in ounces of water every day. While this has been especially complicated without the presence of my Nalgene (which is temporarily missing), I have definitely noticed a marked difference in my energy levels when I stay hydrated!

Other promised results from keeping a sufficient amount of H2O in your body are healthier, more moisturized skin cells and improved digestion!*

As the daughter of a doctor and avid nutritionist, I have also been made aware of the importance of drinking quality filtered water. If you can get your hands on alkaline water (I drink Kangen), you'll be doing yourself an even greater favor.

Take away message: Drink lots and lots of water because our bodies are majorly composed of the stuff. With that being said, tap water is not a good way to go. My dad says that city tap water is like drinking pool water. Yummmmm. So make sure to filter before drinking or else you might get an added dose of chlorine and fluoride!



*Source: WebMD