A list about adulthood and lessons I may or may not be learning…

Gossip Coffee, Astoria, NY 

Gossip Coffee, Astoria, NY 

  1. Sitting down can be as exhausting as standing up

  2. Getting a seat at your favorite coffee shop takes hawk-like eye sight and cheetah-like speed

  3. Life is (arguably) not worth living without a solid pair of headphones and Spotify Premium

  4. Nothing beats getting a seat on the train during rush hour

  5. It is never a good idea to walk for extended periods of time in heels...no matter how comfortable they felt when you tried them on at the store.

  6. Take out food is the #1 drainer of bank accounts

  7. Dating apps not only promise a slew of sketchy dates, but also a sprained thumb

  8. Aziz Ansari’s Master of None wins. Period.

  9. Pedestrians are more likely to run you over than a taxi is

  10. Money does not grow on trees, nor does it fall out of the sky, regardless of how much you wish it would