Something I once wrote about someone I once met

Rainbow Room, NYC, Fall 2015

Rainbow Room, NYC, Fall 2015

She looked at me with eyes that were dull from pain.

What could she have done but walk around the City until her feet were blistered and her legs were sore? Until her back ached and she could feel no more?

Sometimes victory is not in success, but in failure.

Sometimes life’s direction is not of our choosing, but it is chosen for us.

It is then our choice whether or not we revel in the next adventure or dwell in a place of fear and stagnation.

I looked at her and my heart ached. It ached not for her, but for the fact that life is as painful as it is a joyous celebration.

For every day, there is a night; and some of us are afraid of the dark.

With a smile, I bid her farewell. I did not pity her. I prayed for her. And with hope in my heart, I considered the words of Robert Frost:

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”