What do I long for?

Security...and adventure:

To plant my feet in soil and allow

Tendrils of roots to sprout 

Deep into the earth:

To spread my wings and coast

Over mountains, oceans, and deserts,

Where the sky is my home:

To renovate a small home in the country,

Where sunlight streams through homespun curtains in the summer,

And a fire spits ashes in the winter:

To wander the world alone,

Saturated with sunsets and sunrises

And passionate affairs:

To forever sit alone

In an arm chair that swallows me whole,

With books, steamy coffee, and long naps,

Spinning stories and writing poetry:

To lay my head on a pillow of skin

Known to me like my own,

And to watch it wrinkle as years pass 

With a growing love for an ageless soul.

Flat Iron, NYC, May 2015