The Rubin Museum of Art

Sometimes escape is not a cowardly thing. Sometimes escape is necessary to recoup from a very long week at work - or because one needs to not collect ones thoughts, but to leave them behind - to get lost. 

Without realizing it, an invitation to visit to the Rubin was the perfect for this very thing. 

The Revelation of Kalachakra Mandala

The Revelation of Kalachakra Mandala

The Rubin is an interactive museum that celebrates Asian art, particularly originating from India and its surrounding regions. 

The Shrine room was a zen experience. While I don't adhere to its religious implications, I was impressed by a calming presence, which seemed to exist in the room.

Steve McCurry's installation of photographs from India quickly became my favorite part of the museum. His intent on capturing the moods, expressions, and feelings of every day life was inspirational to me. 

Top floor of the museum consisted of a collection of masks, which were both humorous and creepy at once.

Pictures of art do not replace experiencing it first hand.

Go to the Rubin if you can.