Down a carpeted hallway

Queensboro Bridge | February 2016

Queensboro Bridge | February 2016

I entered 2017 with as much noise as one makes padding down a carpeted hallway. The pomp and circumstance characteristic of New Year’s Eve celebrations happened on the inside of me.

It started at my Y7 yoga class, where I prayed over the upcoming new year and cried while resting in savasana. The celebration continued with a fresh juice and gluten-free carrot loaf from Liquiteria, followed by a brisk walk over to Greenwich Village, where Sam (my awesome roomie) and I planned to transcend to the world of jazz at Smalls. Being a few minutes early, we stepped into Bar Sardine for a glass of wine. For some reason, I was in a white wine mood, so I went with it. Sauvignon Blanc it was. Our waiter had the best sequin jacket on, too - icing on an increasingly delicious cake.

We travelled down into the cavern that is Smalls after finishing our wine. Smalls is a divey, basement bar and jazz club with benches for seating and posters and paintings that all speak to music-drenched nights. Before long, I was lost.

Jazz casts a funny spell over time. It seems to slow the clock until the show is over,  and then you have to make a slow, painful walk back into reality. Thankfully, Sam and I softened the blow of leaving Smalls with a pitstop at Van Leeuwen's for some vegan ice cream and a shameless selfie-taking rampage.

I was asleep by the time 2017 opened its wide doors of possibility. I went to bed full from a home-cooked meal that Sam and I had made, and I was sufficiently emotional from watching The Great Gatsby (the only movie in which I truly love DiCaprio).

If 2016 taught me anything, it’s to manage my expectations. New Year’s Eve did not bring a kiss at midnight or a glittery party or bubbly in a flute, but it was an unexpectedly wonderful day. It did, in fact, exceed my expectations. I had a simple hope that I would choose health, choose wisdom, and ultimately, choose the best for myself. I did, and that brought a slew of spontaneous, good gifts my way.

It’s day two of this new year; and as time surges forward, I will revel in what life has been as I welcome the promise of a new year with all of the hope and encouragement of Jesus inside of me.