Life, lately

Life has been going at mach ten these days. I like it, but my introversion has been telling me to stop and smell the flowers (alone) and take stock of the lovely things in my life. 

Rooftops are a thing in the City during the Summer. New Yorkers love to soak in warm weather while they can, and after being here for a couple of winters, I totally get why.

Had the pleasure of attending two showings at the Tribeca Film Festival. These are the moments when I realize how special it is to live in New York. 

Definitely have been eating food that I shouldn't be...but YOLO?

Weddings! This is a picture from my brothers' wedding. Sufficed to say, it was beautiful from beginning to end. 

Coffee, always. 

I've set a goal to do something nice for myself every day. While I've been pretty inconsistent, I finally (after many months of thinking about it) bought myself flowers. 

The Met! I finally went recently after two years of living here. It's shameful, I know. My experience was magical, as expected. 

The view from my apartment's roof. Astoria sunsets are unbeatable.