an awakening.

Spanish countryside, Summer 2017

I’m in love

with a world of sandy

mountains, minimal greenery

somewhere near the ocean;

a place where clay rooftops

and olive trees look like

magic in the sun;

where men wear 5 o’clock

shadows all day, smile rarely,

and make you feel as though

all else has disappeared

when they look into your eyes:

this place where humor and

light-heartedness blend with

dark undertones to create

a color unknown,

    one that cannot be just one color…

how to define it? and why should I?


 I have looked, peeked

into this estranged world

that suddenly is beloved

though I do not know it,

my heart wonders at its

    ruby red and citrus,

    its warm bread and bitter espresso;

this place where couples kiss and

fall asleep in tangled messes,

where heartbreaking indifference intermingles with

romanced onlookers looking at something

through thick glass,

    noses pressed, mouths dropped: they are surprised

when someone looks back,

piercing them with a strange sensation

                                             of awakening...