Back again.

Hannah Grey-34.jpg

I think waiting must be the hardest part…

Waiting for something to happen

Waiting for it to stop

Waiting for things to change

Waiting for things to stay the same

After moving four times in the past year and a half, “waiting” has taken on a much more pertinent place in my life:

Waiting to feel at home

Waiting to make friends

Waiting for my paycheck

Waiting for the light to change

But I’ve been waiting to wait for these things for a while now (if you’re tired of that word, now you know how I feel!). I’m finally in a place where my goal is simply this: to grow roots and to settle. It might be the thing I wait for the longest but I’m sure it will be worth it.

And in this period of in-betweeness, much of life is lived.

Case in point: I recently enjoyed a near perfect Saturday with my dear friend Hannah Williams recently. Here are some of our snaps from the day….

Hannah Grey-45.jpg

Looking for good coffee? Tea?

Hannah and I went to Heirloom in downtown Raleigh and it was delightful. Plus, the chairs were pink…I mean, come on.

On a more practical note, I had a latte with Oat Milk, which was actually a pleasant discovery. I highly recommend trying it!

Hannah Grey-13.jpg

Is your mouth watering yet?

Hannah and I made a pit stop at Cow Bar in Morgan Street Food Hall. It was heavenly.

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Hannah Grey-41.jpg