All of us are on a quest...

To find the right job,

The right city,

The right hobbies,

The right workout routine

…but for Sachin? It’s just the right photos - for his dating profile.

After all, who isn’t on a quest for love?

In alignment with the sun coming out, Sachin and I stepped outside for a fun photoshoot and talked about everything from New Jersey (his home) to higher education (he’s pursuing his MBA at UNC Chapel Hill right now) to traveling the world (yes, he’s done that too).

Sachin 1.jpg
Sachin 4.jpg

I was surprised that Sachin owns a motorcycle, but to him, it’s just daily transport.

Sachin 5.jpg
Sachin 3.jpg
Sachin 2.jpg
Sachin 8.jpg
Sachin 12.jpg
Sachin 7.jpg
Sachin 9.jpg
Sachin 10.jpg
Sachin 11.jpg

Had to snap some photos in this awesome peacoat Sachin got from his recent trip to Japan!