Just Because.

There is no question that having a stash of good photos of yourself is a worthwhile investment to meet the needs of this day and age.

Greg booked a session for this very reason and I was happy to spend part of a beautiful Saturday in downtown Durham helping him out!


Greg is in the process of getting his MBA at UNC Chapel Hill, so he hasn’t had much time to get good photos lately (because, education and all).


While Greg hails from Chicago by way of Ohio, he is actually Russian and speaks the language fluently (jealous!).


Side note, Allday Cafe at the Unscripted Hotel is a golden, comfy place to get a coffee and some noms with a variety of seating and delightful brews. I went there to edit photos and was so impressed with everything from the comfort of the seating to the friendliness of the staff. Highly recommend if you’re in the area!